Poems for Paul

God made me a wonderful present
and took my soul by surprise.
My heart was refreshed by excitement
as I caught the light in those eyes
In my days of distress: a comfort
at dangerous points, He was there.
But during that time He kept secret
a wonderful answer to prayer
Unknown to me He had planned it
and with a chuckle He gave.
From His storehouse of Treasure He planted
a mysterious seed of love.
Then at the right time it sprouted,
I gasped with joy and delight,
Its fruit I have tasted  a little;
But to ripen it still needs His light.
O yes the Lord is mighty
and mighty things He has done,
but He does not neglect the lonely
and kindly provides them with fun.
And Oh yes , I knew there were dangers,
the fruit could sour to the taste
and boughs turn to prickles and hurt me
and my life be consigned to a waste.
What’s planted still needs tender watering
and the greatest care to survive.
In the light of His truth to stand bravely
and then it will certainly thrive.
So now as I look back and wonder
quivering and wondering "How?"
The Lord, smiling, still says "Trust me"
and all I can still say is "Wow!"
Many times in the past
have been the last
last fling, last go, last straw.
You have tried in vain
to start again
But it turns out just as before
Neither Tremble nor shake
As you lie awake
But think hard of the time to come.
Yesterday was once today
Tomorrow will soon be here.
But we can change every day
in our own special way
and drive away your obsessional  fear.
But you must not frown
or become cast down
accept what you know you need
in a place quiet and dark
He’ll kindle a spark,
and we'll come together indeed
Then retaining the glow
we'll go out and show.
Girded in truth you will be
with a band of white
and no kind of fright:
Your spirit will then be free

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