These were mainly written in Prison and collected in a decorated folder with the title:


Paul's Poem Folder
Preface Poem

There  follow the first and last two poems in the folder of 48

Telephone Love
 I dial your number, and wait to hear 
 the voice that fills my heart with cheer 
 So soft and sweet to the one I love so 
 yet it breaks my heart when it's time to go 

 To hear you say that magical phrase 
 in retort to my endless adoring praise, 
 is music to my ears, and mine alone, 
 I long for the time when I next use the phone. 

 My love is conveyed there by miles of wire, 
 for as long as it take I'll never tire, 
 of being able to tell you these words O so true, 
 when I say on the phone: Darling I love you. 


You'll Be Mine
 You are never more than a thought away 
 you are for always on my mind. 
 Lovingly remembered in every way, 
 Sweetheart we're two of a kind. 

 Time will pass and the years fade away, 
 but my memories will never recede. 
 For the day will come, when I am yours 
 and you'll be mine indeed. 

 The winds of love blow gently around me, 
 whispers abound in my ear. 
 They remind me of how much I miss you 
 and how I wish you could be here. 

 Sadly time, drifted by without you 
 and days have turned into years 
 my mind holds a million memories, 
 my eyes have shed as many tears.

 I lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling. 
 Emotions so intense they set my mind reeling. 
 I talk to myself, for who else can I tell 
 that being parted from you is absolute hell. 

 As well as my love, you're a friend true indeed, 
 one I can turn to in my time of need. 
 Someone who cares and who'll love in return. 
 All that I've missed so much do I yearn. 

 Yet life must go on and I will survive. 
 We're still together both still alive. 
 All that remains now, which as yet I've to do, 
 is count down the days, till I'm back home 

with you.
My Love!
 My darling you've filled my heart with cheer, 
 throughout the long time that I've been in here. 
 The only way I can ever repay you, 
 is to give my love, sincere and true. 

 Sweet angel of love you are to behold. 
 Many have listened to the stories I've told. 
 I need to divulge, tell the whole world you see, 
 about the true love, between you and me. 

 Sweet love, my true love so dear, 
 I can but love you more with each year. 
 For you are my life, my soul and my heart, 
 thank God the times over that we've been apart.

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