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Originally on my friend Ali's Site Circa 2000

At that time we hoped a friend would be able to write a Jarva Applet so that the Wordsearches could be done on screen.
But that did not materialise so they remain such that
you will have to print them and use a pencil.

The Slider Puzzle is a bit of an experiment with frames.

maddeningWord Search Boys Names

Word Search Rooms in the House

Word Search Girls Names

Criss-Cross Ford Cars

Slider Puzzle

However in 2005 I found a free Jarva Applet at http://www.ericharshbarger.org
selftypingand from it made these:
Word Search Auto of Towns in Kent

And this one which has to be on a server with PHP capability:

Set your own Words

Not to be outdone Ali has produced some more to print Ali point

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