Tumbling Sprite

The Sprite Stories

nce upon a time................

I wondered if my imagination was over the top, but seeing the strange creatures in modern Science Fiction, I think not. But, like for them, perhaps some background information is required and that can be found on
the Possible Facts Page.


The Tree Sprites

These stories were inspired by the memory of a walk along an old railway track where I felt that I was alone in my own world and yet, not alone, for my spirit seemed to expand as if loosed from  bonds. And all around me the long grass, the wild flowers and the trees joined in a merry  exultation. Silent to my ears but not to my soul.

Here leapt my soul

  1. The Sprite Tree

  3. Life with the Sprites

  5. Bobby Runs Away

The Water Sprites

These stories were inspired by my affection expressed in Pennine Water

Sleightholme Beck

  1. The Water Sprites
  3. The Water Dragon
  5. Giant Whirlhead
  7. The Band of Truth 

  8. blank
  9. The Finale


Stories like this cannot really end         SO!
Why not try to write an episode Yourself, especially if you understand the very real magic in Fairy Stories. And then Email me with the result.

Meanwhile here are some Scottish sprites spotted in July 2000

And here are some Cornish Piskies spotted in July 2003

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