Technical Preface

Some Explanations and Hints for enjoying my pages. 

(Last updated May 2005)
All of my pages are designed to please my eyes in a screen size of 800 X 600 pixels, but should look fairly reasonable in other sizes. Although I often write my own bits of HTML, all pages are all begun using the editor that comes with Netscape:  Netscape Composer (or the very similar Mozilla Composer) which is extremely easy, so I cannot understand why some pages on the web lack important features like a title to go in the list when you bookmark it or make it a "favourite".

I do like my text right justified (as in books) and I was very pleased when that became possible. Composer makes it easy

Equally, I do not like a boring white background. Composer has "Page Colours and Properties" in its "Format" menu which makes setting them very easy. However plain colours, like the background  this page can be boring too so I usually set an image, though there is a real difficulty in fading it just enough to make the text legible, while leaving the image recognisable. Yes I am now assuming that most people have at least 56K modems and  up-to-date Browsers. Indeed many like me will have moved to Broadband. If I were providing public information or selling socks then I would make much more in the way of allowances. Even so most of my pages especially the serious text ones are viewable with  old browsers.  Other pages are frankly for fun and use Animated gifs and plugins. Simple technical information is available on the BBC Site:

Like that one, most of  my text hyperlinks are in bold blue and underlined, click on them to go there.
Once clicked they usually turn purple although I may have changed it for certain backgrounds
Some links are by clicking on pictures and these have a blue border

I am more keen on frames than I was, so I have provided one which might make surfing the Contents Page easier. The sections in that can be reached from the front page.  However I still think  every page should have enough plain text to keep you interested while the pictures download. Especially it should usually have a HEADING, with format HEADING1 tag <H1>. Alternatively every image should have a text alternative and again this is easy to set in Composer

Some pages have sound. Some sounds are in the form of midi files which most browsers should manage, although the quality of the result will depend on your soundcard. Midi files actually play your sound card like an instrument if you didn't know.

Try this one which is a Prelude I wrote when I was a teenager. 

Others are Real Media files e.g. Storm and you will need the plugin available from Here
I use these since they are much smaller files than the equivalent .wav and therefore download more quickly.

The drop down Menu in the Contents frame uses Javascript  I have also used some software HOTMEDIA to produce panoramas which require Java. And I especially like Animated gifs, like the ones at the bottom of this page. I am sorry if people with very old or simple browsers cannot enjoy these, but then they must be having a rough time with Commercial sites too.

Just for the record my current IS Provider is Tiscali.  The original version of this site was hosted by Easynet

Comments welcome Email me

Wizard GossilA sprite turned into a frogBut be careful or Wizard Gossil might turn you into a frog like he did with a cheeky sprite who called him Gossil the Fossil. You will find the Sprite Stories from the Contents page

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