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Apple day, 13 September, 2015
Have you ever wondered what kind of apple tree you have in the garden? It may be an old variety producing unusual fruit or you may have a comparatively young tree but can no longer read the label? We had an apple identification afternoon in the Portmoak Community Orchard on Sunday September 13th. Very good attendance: 70 people and 4 dogs. The Women's Rural laid on tea and apple-themed  cakes. Apples were converted into juice. Most of the trees in orchard were identified.and labelled. The event was sponsored by the Living Lomond Landscape Partnership.

Some recent additions, both found on the Ecology page:
One of our team, Marjorie Smith, was funded by the Scottish Government and the Primary Science Teaching Trust to develop an excellent teaching resource called Let's Talk Bogs.

There's an amazing number of insects living in the Moss - and the diversity has increased a lot because of the work that has been done to restore the peat dome. Butterfly Conservation do an incredible job of monitoring and recording moths and butterflies across the UK. Our local people are George Guthrie and Duncan Davidson. If you ever see strange lights in the Moss late at night, there's a good chance that it's George trapping moths and butterflies ready to identify, count and record them. Tables of their sightings over the last few years are here.

Portmoak Moss viewed from Kilmagad Wood, with Loch Leven and Benarty Hill in the background

Fine views, delightful walking and an ambitious project to restore a commercial plantation to a raised peat bog.

Located at Scotlandwell, near to Kinross and the M90, about midway between the Forth Road Bridge and Perth.