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Management Options for Portmoak Moss, February 2015
Our consultant, Robin Payne, has completed his report on ‘Management Options for Portmoak Moss’. We’re very pleased with it: it’s full of good ideas and has plenty for everyone.  It’s a detailed and hence large document, 66 pages long, but the summary at the beginning outlines the main themes. We'll be working with The Woodland Trust Scotland on the new management plan and we hope to include these ideas into a long term vision. 

Burns Supper: 24 January 2015

As usual, we all trooped into the Village Hall like haggises to the slaughter. Which Bill Carr - in the uniform of the Surgeon to Manus O'Cahan's Regiment of the Army of James Graham, 1st Marquis of Montrose in the Service of King Charles 1st in Scotland - duly did. Former MSP John  McAllion remembered the Immortal One, Fi Cooper gave us all lice. Or at least, The Louse, and Elaine Carruthers gave us another poem, now lost in the mists of time and whisky. Mike and Gerry and the Portmoak Players strummed, blew, fiddled about and sang, then Karen reminded everyone how lucky they were to have such a wonderful steering group to look after their woodlands for them. Meeting ajourned in the wee sma' hours.

                         When Bill addresses the haggis, it stays addressed
 YouTube link:  When Bill addresses the haggis, it stays addressed.

Portmoak Moss viewed from Kilmagad Wood, with Loch Leven and Benarty Hill in the background

Fine views, delightful walking and an ambitious project to restore a commercial plantation to a raised peat bog.

Located at Scotlandwell, near to Kinross and the M90, about midway between the Forth Road Bridge and Perth.