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What types of barcode can I read using TrackIT?
Barcode recognition is a function of your barcode reader and not of the TrackIT software. You should refer to your barcode reader's user manual for more information. Many barcodes have different start/stop codes whioch may be removed be trimmed under the setup area within TrackIT.

How do I set up my barcode reader? It connects to the serial port of my PC.
Under the system window of TrackIT select the scanner page. Select the scanner as being of type serial port. You should now set the other options to match your barcode reader's settings.
Com port - Which serial or com port is the barcode plugged into. Usualy 1 or 2.
For baud rate, word length, stop bits and parity refer to your barcode reader's user manual.

How to I put a sample back into a rack after removing it?
Finding the original space for that sample would be tedious. You therefore simply rescan the sample and put it away in the next available space. The previous and new positions are kept in the audit trail for that sample.

Can I stop people entering areas regarding set up an rack configuration?
A password facility has been added in version 1.14 you can download it from the upgrade centre.

I've put samples into the wrong rack. Can I delete these samples and start again?
Within version 1.15 it is now possible to reassign the next row and next column available. From the main window click racks and then click edit. You may now enter the numbers of the next row and column for specimen "put away".