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As with all databases on rare occasions there may be corruptions. This type of problem may occur if the power supply to you computer is cut off whilst the database files are open.

To protect you from this we have provided a database repair program that will fix your files in the rare event that this occurs.

Remember there is no replacement for regular back up and we advise that you back up all files at least once each day.



TrackIT version 1.x - rsetup.exe Download Repair setup software 890kb
  TrackIT version 2.x - rblexe32.exe Download Repair setup software 358kb

Download the repair utility and install it to your
TrackIT directory using the self extractor:
Ver 1.x c:\strack
Ver 2.x C:\Program Files\Kitesoft Ltd\TrackIT

Run the program pdxrbld.exe by clicking the shortcut.
Select the directory where your database files are:
Ver 1.x c:\strack\data
Ver 2.x C:\Program Files\Kitesoft Ltd\TrackIT\data

Select the required table (e.g. track.db)
Click on the rebuild corrupted tables check box.
Click start button.
Your corrupt table will now be rebuilt.