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to Letters from Terra, a site encompassing many of my unusual passions, and forming boarding space for those projects which I have, eventually, decided to lay to rest through the declaration of their completion. I've recently undertaken an overhaul of some of the more general introductory pages, in the (belated) realisation that they are somewhat unhelpful, and not a little pretentious (no excuse it may be, but most were written extremely late at night, in interesting mental states). I suspect the main reason for the virtuosity of style is to be found more in an attempt to create something of lasting impact and value; after long periods tinkering with style sheets one expects a similar significance to be given to the content; which is always dangerous in any composition. Actually, the main impetus for digging through the old pages is the sensation of horror experienced when the realisation that anyone, anywhere, googling my name will be directed immediately to the bio section; added to the finding that I could not modify the site in any way while at university, leading to a very odd kind of paranoia. Despite its obscure merits, I would rather not be represented to the world on the virtue of a tirade written at the age of 15. For more information on the site, please follow the "about me" links on the menu bar; the programming section is now complete, and can be reached in a similar fashion. One of my most recent additions is a home-made search engine, which is pretty accurate, if very slow and abominably coded (visual basic is not my style). Other news includes the completion of Directdraw interface for freepascal which can be used as freely as the graphical buffers for turbo (see news); and those interested in metabolism should definetely check out the LFT metabolite database. If you like my site, please sign my guestbook.

Thanks for taking the trouble - Jon | Totnes, December 2004

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