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Letters from Terra - Life in water warmed by sunlight

Images generated by the Fractal Engines

These are a rather limited set of images generated by the Mandelbrot fractal generator, either in black and white or coloured mode. Many more fascinating and disturbing images can be produced simply by clicking on whatever appears more complex - more and more detail is resolved, ad infinitum. Perfect for creating backgrounds for your computer, or exploring a wonder of non-recursive mathematics.

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A preliminary view of the Mandelbrot set, those values being unbounded marked with black. The cardioid shape is clearly evident, but little of the enfolded detail is visible at this resolution. Still, instantly recognisable.
Zooming into "Seahorse value", the intricate volutes of the detail of the set start to become visible. Each convolution contains, on the tendrils, a miniture complete cardioid Mandelbrot set; complete with it's own sea-horses.
At higher magnification, a single protusion out of Seahorse valley. An exponentially reducing string of baby Mandelbrots is visible, connected by a frilly string of convolutions. The nucleus of the pattern is in fact an artifact; if more iterations are used it resolves into a single point, with each tendril radiating from it. I had this as the background of my computer for some time, (at hi res) and never got bored of looking at it.
A "false colour" Mandelbrot image, which was first produced in black and white and later treated to give the gradated effect. Some more pretty volutes are visible, as well as a singularity-like nucleus. This looked quite fantastic in high resolution: and these sort of images can be generated in a few seconds. Amazing.
Letters from Terra | Updated 15th December 2004 | By Jonathan Ayling