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This section of the site will host all of the content previously available at PascalGames.co.uk, and will be fully integrated into the Letters from Terra site. I have decided to reorder the content in somewhat more logical fashion, and to simplify the layout of the site, since as polished as the previous was it lacked conspicuously in functionality. This section will essentially contain material subdivided into major projects, graphical trinkets, tools and units, and the my most recent programming activities, all accessible through this page and the sidebar menu. Seperate pages will exist for Pascal and Delphi work, and all the downloads available on the old site will be hosted, as before on this. I hope you find this layout easier to use and more intuitive; and if you are here purely for the programming tools, you might find it interesting to check out some of the mathematical philosophy too. Most of the Downloads are in Winzip compressed format to minimise storage expended and download time, and hence you will need winzip (or PKzip) to extract the files contained within. Be sure to check out the new tutorials written (in great detail) on 3D programming, the newly categorised graphical demos, and sign my guestbook on the communication page, where you can also contact me with any other programming comments, questions or queries. I hope you find the layout of the new site somewhat easier to use, and that the wealth of information that I have either dredged up from my harddrive or hurriedly invented over the last few months is useful. Any feedback would be much appreciated - happy coding, Jon

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