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Image catalogue

One of the biggest problems that people have experienced when trying to use the level editor is the bewildering array of images available; so of them functional, to be used in conjuction with objects, some of them stand alone, or part of the scenery, and some of them obselete and should not be used. I recommend that you print out this catalogue, and only use the images referenced in it - all of of the images in the level editor will function, but your levels will be confusing, to say the least, if you include obsolecent images.

I have catagorised all the images that can be placed directly in Trooper II into 5 catagories: platforms, walls, panels, miscellaneous scenery, and images designed to be used in combination with objects. Enjoy!



1. WoodStat
2. MetStat
3. CStat
4. Ground
5. Stat (Standard)
6. SStat (Small stat)


1. SWall (Small wall)
2. MetWall
3. NormWall
4. Wall
5. LShadow (to be used as cover)
6. RShadow (to be used as cover)


1. BKPanel2
2. BKPanel1
3 .BKPanel3

Miscellaneous scenery

1. Lightblb
2. Panel
3. Rock
4. Barrel
5. Micro
6. Barrel2
7. Tree2
8. Opener
9. RBricks
10. Tree
11. Wirebush
12. Shrub
13. Unlucky! labelled twice!
14. Exit
15. GBricks

Functional images

1. Teleport
2. Spikes
3. Spring
4. StairR (around 4 are shown)
5. StartL (again, 4 are shown)
6. Ladder
7. SavePnt
8. Signpost
9. ChkPoint

There are also 4 backgrounds for the levels you create available, identified by their image registry numbers:

Letters from Terra | Updated 15th December 2004 | By Jonathan Ayling