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There are 8 weapons that can be selected in Trooper 2. Here I will give a brief description of their function, and the various strategic ways in which they can be employed. Whether they be cattle prods or sub-machine guns, Fred is not a municions expert and requires you assistance! If you press the number key corresponding to the weapons as numbered below, you can use that weapon.

Standard blaster. This can be fired in two ways: either left or right, by pressing "fire" (alt or enter); or up, by holding the up arrow button and pressing fire. Either way, this is your standard armament; not too powerful, but not excessively dangerous either; there is no risk to yourself in using this weapon, where as blowing yourself up occurs far more frequently. Nevertheless, the ammo is abundant, and this is what you'll use to kill most of the monsters in the game. Automatic, so will continue to fire if you hold down the trigger; but there is a short (half second) delay before reload. Bullets always travle strair, even if Fred is on a moving platform or falling; so they will appear to bend! This can be used to your advantage: experiment!
Missiles. Quite a step up from the blaster; because explosive, will kill any standard monsters it hits in one shot, and can set off chain reactions of other explosions. When a missile is fired, it will travle in a flat trajectory until it runs out of feul or meets some obstruction, in which case it will explode, with amusing consequences. Fred can be killed from his own missiles; so watch them at close range. Missile ammo is comparatively rare, so expend them wisely; picking off tough monsters like tanks is probably most appropriate. Handy against (some) bosses too...
Grenades. These have an effect similar to that of missiles, but are far more easy to obtain, and much harder to use. To throw a grenade, press and hold the "fire" key; the longer it is held, the more powerful the shot will be. When you release the key, the grenade will be thrown: and will fly in a (roughly) parabolic trajectory. The grenade will bounce off walls, platforms, and any other obstructions; and will explode after a given time delay, proportinal to the strength it was orignally lobbed at. Grenades can be used as skillful missiles; but really come into their own when shafts are concerned; dropping a grenade between two walls can be really precise. Pretty expendable, so experiment freely. Can also be used to quickly clear big collections of monsters; the chain reactions finish them off.
Sub Machine gun. This is essentially an extremely rapid version of the standard blaster: hold down the fire key to emit a string of bullets; up to 10 a second, in fact. These are very useful for picking off unpleasent monsters, or legions of soft ones. Each shell does as much damage as one blaster shot; but the rapid rate of ammo usage can leave you wanting when the going gets tough!
Invincability. This is not an actual offensive weapon, but since offence is the best defence, defence is therefor the best offense, so learn how to use it. This does not have to be selected to use it: if you have charge for it, then it can be activated any time by pressing and holding the "ctrl" key. DON'T TRY TO SHOOT SIMULTANEOUSLY, becuase you will blow up. As amusing as this is, it will not get you far in the game. These are pretty few and far between; so use them for situations that would otherwise be impossible. NOTHING can harm you when you have this activated.
Cattle prod. Doesn't recquire ammo, so lasts unlimitedly; but if you have to fall back on this then your in an unfortunate position. Pushes mobile monsters back a few pixels; but takes around 2 secs to recharge, so can only just be used to keep them at bay. Its only real use is that is you push monsters from a spewer off a precipice, then they will not be respewed, since the monsters are not dead; just falling!
Daylight. Introduces the cold, sane light of day into the imaginary world of the computer, and so kills all the monsters in a wide radius of Fred. Visually spectacular, and obviously useful, this is something that you will rarely get your hands on. Use it wisely. Note it has no effect on bosses.
Landmines. These can be placed in the path of oblivious monsters, such as reds, who will then proceed to walk strait into them and blow themselves up; or in the path of perceptive moneters, such as "greens", who will then avoid it and so change their path of patrol. Can be used immensly cunningly, and are surprisingly commom; but not much use again legions of monsters.

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