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A Wake-up Call to the Church


Being & Building God’s Temple


Is The Rapture Biblical?


The Glory to be Revealed


Reflections on the Dominion Mandate


Repent & Believe


Alternative Reality and the Warfare of the Mind


The Erosion of Anti-Thesis


Being Genuine and Being True


Does Truth Matter?


The Divided Field of Truth


Living Out the Metanarrative


Evolution of Sunday Sabbath


A Testimony of Healing


What are the Courtship & Betrothal Movements?


Emotional Purity & Broken-Heart Syndrome


God in the Back


Betrothal & Emotional Purity:

A Biblical, Historiographical Approach


The Answer Man: Bill Gothard & ATI


The Enlightenment & The Modern World View


The Enlightenment and the Disenchantment of Sex


Beauty & the Quest for Objectivity


Art & the Search For Meaning


The Epistemology of Disconnection


Socrates and the Politics of Association


Geoffrey’s History: Fact or Forgery?


Odysseus’ Emotional Labours


On Body Transplants and Mind Exchanges


A Song of Love


On Films Containing Sexual Content


Fairwood Bible Institute: A Personal Testimony


Rediscovering the Servitude of Art:
A Manifesto for Artists


The Aesthetics of Forgery


The Question of Authentic Performance


Intention and Meaning in Art


Are Works of Art in the Mind? A Response to Collingwood’s Theory of Art


An Examination of Kant’s Aesthetic Theory


The Paradox of Tragedy


On Music With A Heavy Beat

All Creation Reconciled


Kingdom Bible Study 1: The Image of the King


Kingdom Bible Study 2: A Defaced Image


Kingdom Bible Study 3: Continuation of Purpose


Kingdom Bible Study 4: The Covenant with Noah


Kingdom Bible Study 5: The Covenant with Abraham


Kingdom Bible Study 6: A Blessing to All Nations


Kingdom Bible Study 7: The Covenant with Moses


Kingdom Bible Study 8: Israel the Firstborn


Kingdom Bible Study 9: Seeing is Believing


Kingdom Bible Study 10: The Throne of David


Kingdom Bible Study 11: The New Covenant


Kingdom Bible Study 12: Daniel’s Hope


Kingdom Bible Study 13: The Hope of First Century Judaism


Kingdom Bible Study 14: The Messiah’s Forerunner


Kingdom Bible Study 15: The Gospel of the Kingdom


Kingdom Bible Study 16: The Passover Lamb


Kingdom Bible Study 17: He is Risen!


Kingdom Bible Study 18: Yes & Amen in Christ


Kingdom Bible Study 19: A Temple of Living Stones


Kingdom Bible Study 20: All Things Under His Feet


Kingdom Bible Study 21: The Glory to Be Revealed


Kingdom Bible Study 22: Eden Reawakened


Kingdom Bible Study 23: The Gospel of the Kingdom for Today





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