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Essays on the Courtship and Betrothal Movements


The teaching of 'courtship', and more recently 'betrothal', has become quite a phenomenon in the American home schooling community. So popular are such ideas becoming that the New York Times recently did a front page article on this movement. Click on the above tab to see various essays I have written in an attempt to explain and refute this teaching.



Theological & Biblical Writings


From a very early age I have been interested in understanding what the Bible reveals concerning the nature of God and His plan for the world in which we live. These writings represent my humble attempt towards such understanding.



Miscellany of Essays


This growing collection of essays spans my wide and eclectic range of interests. Essay topics include everything from literary analysis to philosophical investigations.



Essays on Art & Philosophy of Aesthetics


A collection of various essays I have written on the philosophy of art, often in an attempt to defend ‘traditional’ art. Links are included to galleries and artists that I endorse.



All Files


A complete list of all the files on this site.





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