Freda Murrell
Freda was a well-known local
resident who sadly died in 2000
Comet Hale-Bopp from the mill field

Where do you go in the deep dark night
Till you return again to light
How many times have you passed this way
Did the Pharaohs in their day
Gaze on your beauty. And before
Did primitive man watch with awe
Did a dinosaur raise his eyes
As you crossed the midnight skies
Were you here when the Gods were young
Ages and ages ere man had begun
And what of the future when you return
The planet will spin, the sun will still burn
But will you see a future race
Where strife has given way to grace
Or will you pass us in the cold
And see the dust of man grown old
Who knows, who can tell
Lovely visitor, I wish you well.
Comet Hale-Bopp over Stony Stratford
This photograph was taken during a full moon which
accounts for the illumination of the church tower.
During the spring of 1997 Comet
Hale - Bopp became a prominent
feature in the sky of the northern
hemisphere. On the site of the old
mill regular observation of the comet
was maintained by many townsfolk
using various optical instruments
which were available throughout
the weeks when it was most visible.