St. Giles Church
The old church tower
Watling Street bridge
The river
Welcome to a look around Stony Stratford.
Despite officially being part of Milton Keynes Stony Stratford retains a strong individuality.
Its history has been shaped by its position on the Watling Street which was once one of
the major roads going north from London. The town rose to prominence when coach travel
was at its peak prior to the coming of the motor car. During that period much of the town
was involved with the stabling of horses and the various trades neccessary for their upkeep.
Evidence of this remained well into the 20th century. It is believed that the origins of the
well-known saying "a cock and bull story" came from the many travellers tales that
circulated around the two main hostelries in the town. The nursery rhyme "Ride a cock
horse to Banbury Cross" comes from the same source.
The main intention of this site is to provide a pictorial record of a typical English town, its
environment, buildings, people and some of the events that help make it what it is. If a more
detailed history or commercial information is required go to the links page.
Click on any image for a larger rendition and details.
Passenham footbridge
Celestial visitor
Folk on the Green


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