Stony Stratford is a small market town in north Buckinghamshire. It lies on the old Roman Watling Street with the River Great Ouse flowing around the north and western perimeters. In Roman times and later it had strategic importance as a ford across the river and it is partly from this it became to be known, the name "Stratford" being specific to Roman roads. It has a rich history, its position on such a main highway ensuring that it has been visited by many travellers including Royalty. Only in recent years, with the advent of the M1 motorway and the building of Milton Keynes, has the Watling Street lost its status, the town now easily by-passed. Stony Stratford, however, still repays the visitor with much of interest including a number of historical surprises.

The website will take visitors on a photographic tour of the town with information about its major buildings, locations and events. As well as the thumbnail tour there is a section containing many panoramic views.... these are full 360°photographs which are displayed in a java player.  Also available are a selection of images that have been optimised for desktop wallpaper to use on your own computer. The Archive is a collection of contributed images and the Big Picture is one of a series of very high resolution images ( 20 megapixels ) that can be looked at in detail using a specialised viewer. Some added amusement is provided by some 3D images which can be viewed with a bit of practice and an interactive Google aerial view of the town is now available.

The Daily Wallpaper is the largest collection of Stony images on the web. It contains images  that can be used as desktop wallpaper....New images are added daily whenever possible.

The Archive is  a collection of images contributed by visitors to the site.
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