To view the panoramas requires that you have JAVA enabled in your browser.
To maintain reasonable quality they are quite large at approximately 300k in size.
Download time on a 56k modem is usually between 1 & 2 minutes.
Download time on broadband (DSL) is usually less than 10 seconds.

For some added entertainment each panorama includes a piece of music.
These are midi files and require that you have a midi player installed.
Stop or start each tune with the embedded player.
If you want to use any part of a panoramic image it can be achieved by the following process:
1. (XP) Look in the WINDOWS folder for the System 32 folder. Open this and look for clipbrd.exe.
....Make a shortcut to it on the desktop or taskbar........(In Win98 Install clipboard viewer)
2. Obtain a good screen capture programme....MWsnap recommended. (this is freeware)
3. Run a panorama until you find the section that you want and hit Print Screen on your keyboard.
4. Use clipbrd.exe to view the captured image of the screen.
5. Use MWsnap to select the picture area that you require.