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Auricular Candle Therapy

Auricular Candle Therapy (Biosun Hopi EARcandles) were traditionally used by the Hopi Indians to cleanse and harmonise the energy fields of the aura to drive out negative energies. EARcandles are considered a classic clearance therapy and can be used for many problems relating to the ear, nose and throat. The lymph system and metabolism can be favourably influenced by this intensive but pleasant and completely painless method.

EARcandles are still made today from an old original recipe from the Hopi (meaning people of peace) Indians. The candles consist of honey extracts, pure beeswax, beta-carotene, sage and camomile in a pesticide-free woven cotton.


Excessive or compacted ear wax, irritations in the ears or sinuses (Otitis), catarrh/sinusitis, rhinitis/hayfever, glue ear, colds/flu/sore throats, headaches/migraine, dry itching ears, noises in the ears (Tinnitus), energetic revitalisation in cases of hearing inpairment, local activation of blood flow, the lympathic system and the metabolic process. Also the stimulation of the local and reflex energy flow brings about the co-ordination of the cerebral hemispheres. EARcandles help balance fluid in the Labyrinth - Vertigo - Meniere's Syndrome. Relaxing and calming in cases of excessive excitement and stress symptoms.

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