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I have been practicing Holistic Therapies for a good few years now and it all started with Usui Reiki.  I had to have major surgery, the thought of which did not enthral me and decided that I needed something to focus my mind to prepare for the surgery. A course of Reiki Treatments prepared me mentally.  My lifelong dear friend Ginny used her expertise as an Aromatherapist to prepare the area to be operated on.  With the additional use of homoeopathic medication the experience was virtually pain free, eliminating the need for conventional painkillers.  Now convinced this was the road to travel, I took my Reiki I Attunement.  This was such a lovely experience for me and after practicing it on family, friends and my dogs and cats I was then Attuned to level II.  After that it was only natural to progress and I became a Reiki Master. 

I wanted to do more for others and myself and after receiving a treatment of Indian Head Massage from my daughter; I decided that Indian Head Massage would be a very useful tool in treating stress. It also works well with Reiki as they compliment each other very well, so I took two courses in Indian Head Massage.   

Hopi EARCandles (Auricular Candle Therapy) was very interesting and became very useful for my little granddaughter who had at the time Glue Ear and is now cured. Auricular Candle Therapy also works well with Reiki.

Another form of Reiki called Karuna Reiki drew my interest.  In comparison with Usui Reiki Karuna works on a slightly deeper level.  The more you use Karuna Reiki, the more you want to use it.  My clients also tell me they get more benefit from this.

Being a dog owner, showing and judging I have found Reiki is very useful for my dogs and my cats really enjoy it too. I treat clients’ dogs on a regular basis. Their owners say 9 out 10 prefer it. (Joke)  To find out more about my dogs click here.


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