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Traditional Indian Head Massage

Traditional Indian Head Massage evolved in India over centuries as a means of coping with day to day stress and was practised as an integral part of daily routine for all. It is a therapy for releasing tension and improving circulation.

Unavoidable physical or emotional stress occurring in our daily lives results in the tightening of the scalp and neck muscles. When stress and tension from the scalp, neck and shoulder areas are released one experiences immense relaxation and a feeling of well being within the entire body. It is for young and old alike helping to achieve harmony of body, mind and spirit.

If you can identify with anything listed below then you could be suffering from stress. This is only a small example: breathing problems, blood pressure, palpitations, muscular tension, loss of appetite, ulcers, constant tiredness. Emotions can also be a sign of stress: helplessness, panic attacks, frustration, anxiety, concentration, phobias, drug problems, forgetfulness.

If you feel that any of these problems relate to you then why not try a course of Indian Head Massage Treatments and see the difference.

Treatments can be carried out anywhere at any time with the client sitting in a chair fully clothed which is perfect for the office environment. It is also proving to be a perfect remedy for office tensions.

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