Lockington with Aike

East Yorkshire

St Mary's Church

Extracted from Alphabetical Index of Entries in Registers (1547-1680) by Rev. P Walker, Rector of Lockington.

Published privately circa 1930


There are two bells in the tower, height 2 feet, diameter of base 2 feet. Each has a band of decoration round the top, on the uppermost band of one are a coat of arms at intervals with the words; VEITE EXULTEMUS DOMINO 1662 S.S fecit. The other has the same coat of arms and the words SOLI DEO GLORIA (No date). These are, of course, not the "ii belles in the Stephill" mentioned in the Inventory of Church Goods, 1552, though they possibly be the same melted down and recast through being cracked. "S.S" as Samuel Smith,the eminent bell-founder of York, whose bells "are still in high repute". "Mr Smith was the nephew of Mr. Gells of York, whom Thoresby calls "the famousest painter of glass perhaps in the world" Bells by S.S with Venite exultemus Domino ( O come, let us sing unto the Lord) inscribed on them, are also at Humbleton, Bainton, Ottringham, Roos, Skipsea; and with soli deo gloria (To the only God be Glory) at Aldborough and Riston. Dr Nolloth informs me that the old great bell at Beverley Minster was cast by S.S., and bears the inscription "Gloria Deo soli paxhominbus."

The "mending" of the bells formed a very frequent item in the later Church-Wardens' Accounts at Lockington; e.g.,

1741, paid for mending the bells, 2/-;

1742, for a bell rope, 3/-; paid to John Wallas for a bell gudgeon & nails, 5/6: spent when the bell was mended,1/6:

1743, spent when the bell whiell was mended and hung,2/-; for bell whiell, 10/6; spent when the bels was mended,1/-

1744, paid William Fenton for bells mending,2/6; spent when ye bells was mended,1/-;

1745, for the beels mending,1/6; paid for a beel rope, 3/-; spent when the beels was mended, 1/6.

Every year , up to 1792, when the Account Book ends, the bells are mended, sometimes twice a year. In 1748 we have: " for the Carpenter mending bell wheele & bell fram & bell chamber with new elm plank and workmanship and his alowance, 5/6; for 4 cramps & 3 spiks & nales for bell fram, 1/-: for 30 nalesfor bell chamber, 4/-