Double Dummy Results:

If you select the graph option on the DD options screen you will get the results presented to you like this:
The bottom left button lets you select different data views:
- Hand shape
- High card point distribution
- Losing trick count distribution
- Opening bid distribution
- Skew (hand shapes)
- DD (distribution of number of tricks made in each analysed contract)

You can export this data to Excel if you have that software, or print it to a printer or file.
Clicking on any graph bar gives you information about standard deviation of the result and the percentage of all outcomes represented by the bar - very useful if the total hands are not a round number like 1,000 which is very likely if you use the filter options below.
Set a filter brings up this menu:
You can now filter out certain hands.  So as an example if declarer had opened a weak NT (12-14 points) and you were trying to work out whether 10 points and 6 spades was enough to invite the graph initially will show how often 4S will make.
With the filter page you can remove the 12 counts (and 13 counts with 8+ losers if you wish) to see what happens when partner accepts your invitation.
You can also look at trump support and see how often it makes opposite 4 trumps or 3 or 2.
Or you can set the tricks made to 10+ and look at the various graphs then try again with up to 9 tricks and see what you can learn that helps you decide if you should invite and when to accept an invitation.
If a filter is set the Excel export will only pass data on the filtered hands.
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