Bridge analyser is the ideal bridge software for Bridge Clubs, Bridge Teachers and players interested in developing their bidding, play or defensive skills.

LATEST NEWS: Bridge Analyser (latest version uses a very fast double dummy solver and has multi-processor support - a typical 32 hand duplicate set of boards will be fully processed with double dummy results for 0-13 tricks in all 20 contracts in under 20 seconds on a modern computer with one processor, under 10 seconds with two processors and in a blistering 5 seconds with 4 processors.


VERY USER FRIENDLY - easy clear menu driven options with clear and obvious buttons to click to do everything you could possibly want.  Everybody who tested it prior to launch said they could do what they wanted in seconds without bothering with the help file !

IDEAL FOR BRIDGE CLUBS - Dealing random hands for duplicate sessions with many print options, web output, hand statistics and a link to Bo Haglund's double dummy solver for a makeable contracts analysis.  See Bridge Club Page.

IDEAL FOR BRIDGE TEACHERS - with  the ability to deal hands to complex specifications to complement lessons, save hands in files for each lesson topic, many print options ideal for student hand outs, play hands through your TV or on a projector screen and Bo Haglund's DDS in the background so you can make sure no clever student finds a defence you had not thought of !  See Teachers Page.

IDEAL FOR THE KEEN STUDENT - many options to try out and practice different bidding methods, deal hands that match criteria you have trouble with or want to practice, use the double dummy features to see how to make that contract you went off in last night, print a set of North hands on one page, South on another and practice bidding with you partner then see if you reached the optimum contract with a Makeable contracts printout. See Bridge Players Page.

IDEAL FOR THE EXPERT - use the advanced hand dealing bias options to test out new bidding theory, analyse difficult bidding decisions by locking your hand and dealing the rest to match the auction and see what action works most often, advanced double dummy analysis, practice advanced squeeze play able to see all 4 hands and go back & forth over the critical play. See Bridge Players Page.
All sets of deals can be saved for future analysis, text files created for Deep Finesse, and PBN, DLM or DUP files can be created for input to automatic dealing machines. Text, overhead slide and pdf file output is also available as is a full screen option for projecting on to a screen.
Extensive context sensitive help with useful popup help for many of the buttons & menus. 
If you don't like my colour scheme you can change it here.

 Main Screen Layout:

Options to bias the South hand for certain strength, suit lengths, opening bids and many other options Options to bias West & North hands, graph distributions, input hands, or input whole deals and analyse bidding situations Switch whole hands between N, S, E & W or rotate the deal Swap the dealer, or fix the dealer for all new deals, or switch any two suits Switch the vulnerability or fix it so all new hands are the same Select a bidding system to be used when fixing an opening bid for one or more of the hands Main menu for dealing and printing hands, hand records, travellers & curtain cards for sets of hands Set options to make Bridge Analyser do certain things automatically Context sensitive help - press F1 and help relevant to what you are doing pops up Close Bridge Analyser Deal a new hand, either randomly or to fit constraints entered in the bias and/or analysis menus Bid the current deal Play the current hand in the contract just bid - can play with the computer telling you the winning and losing plays at each stage Switch between all hands visible and just the next to bid The computer suggests the opening bid for each hand based on the selected bidding system Print this one hand in a variety of formats, wiht or without bidding and notes Open a previously saved hand or set of hands from a file Save this hand to a file or add it to an existing file Show a popup with all cards played in previous tricks (only in play mode) Do a makeable contracts analysis, or if in play mode show winning and losing plays to the next trick Messages display here to remind you when the deal has been biased Notes you made when saving a hand display here, and you can easily scroll through all the hands in the file you opened Tricks played in play mode show on the table along with tricks won so far Click on this grid to bid the hand Standard hand disply - see alternative display below Record of bids made and the final contract

Play display:

Tricks won so far by East-West Tricks won so far by North-South Card just played by South to this trick Previous tricks

Alternative card display:

Simple toggle between this card style and the buttons shown above


Compatible with Windows XP and later.


1989-2017: Lorne Anderson