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Welcome Page

  An introduction to the world of the magic lantern

Metal Bodied lanterns

Wood Bodied Lanterns

Bi-unial Lanterns

Optical systems in a magic lantern

Diagram of magic lantern components and basic lantern types

In the Lime Light (  Magic Lantern lime burning illuminants)

Slide Identification.... describes the different ways images were fixed on to glass

Bamforth Slide identification and other trade marks of slide manufactures

  Primus Slide Catalogue series A & B (Slides Produced by W Butcher & Sons London)

Primus Slide Catalogue series C

Lancaster Catalogue of Comic Slip Slides

Lancaster Catalogue of Slides sold in sets of 12

J. Theobald Slide Catalogue of 1890

Lantern slide restoration to repair cracked slides

Slide Gallery 1....... some fantastic images here from original Victorian slides 

  Slide Gallery 2.........more fantastic Magic lantern slide images

  Photo gallery

Magic Lantern shows..... some unusual period prints of magic lantern shows

Lantern Lectures

Child's Play ........... a selection of toy lanterns and slides

GaleWollenberg-Lantern maker

Starting a collection.... intrigued by what you have seen and like to start your own collection, there are ideas here about what to collect

The Band of Hope

  Billy's Rose - A Victorian Melodrama

The Scientific Quest

The Movies....... The advent of the movies eventually sounded the death knell for the magic lantern but for many years the two rival projection techniques co-existed!

Links Page........... museums , books, magic lantern society, news, web sites, its all here and is constantly updated

  Resource Pages For Teachers  ........  use the site for education, there are worksheets here to print out

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