The   Band of Hope

This term was used to describe an organization established in Leeds in 1847 which encouraged activities for children to help them avoid alcohol problems, these activities also included some Christian teaching. During the first fifty years of its existence the organization rapidly grew to become over 10,000 units.

"Signing the Pledge"  was a regular feature of the meetings where the members committed their promise not to drink alcohol. Part of the movements great success was its innovative use of ,what was then , modern technology in particular the magic lantern. In fact a large proportion of the lantern slides that can be found today have their origin in these Band of Hope lectures.

The disruption caused by two world wars saw the demise of the Band of Hope which, like many similar organizations, struggled to adapt to the chaotic world of the 20th Century however from the ashes of the old organization developed its modern descendant Hope UK.The modern organization like its 19th century equivalent helps children of today make informed choices about both alcohol and drugs. The society is both forward looking yet also recognizes its historic role  and ,with in this in mind,  has produced a magnificent calendar for the year 2000  using images printed from magic lantern slides. Details of how to obtain a copy of the calendar or more about the role of Hope UK can be found at this address:-