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The End of Great Days of the Magic Lantern


The magic lantern is still the unsung hero in the development of the movies. All the scientific innovations were fully explored by the early lanternists in their quest for moving pictures. Kinetic slides of amazing degrees of complexity simulated movement using glass as the transparent medium for projection, it was only in the plastic age however that sustained movement could be achieved. In many ways the magic lantern was more advanced it could project sharp pictures with dazzling colour effects something which film would have to wait 40 years to achieve.Indeed the early movie projectionists so realized this and made moving projectors that still were capable of showing magic lantern slides.



Left: Shows a box of Mickey Mouse Slides, early cinema movies were often duplicated as slides thus providing an increased source of revenue.




Above Felix the Cat one of the new generation of great movie stars

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Left: a picture of a hand cranked movie projector called a Biokam, notice how it is an attachment for a magic lantern rather than a complete projection unit



Left: a picture of a child's toy cine projector, notice how, as shown in this illustration, it also can project long strips of glass slides




Left : An advertisement for a pathescope home movie projector ,well known cartoon characters like Betty Boop, Popeye and Mickey Mouse are already stars



Soon cartoons & actors would replace the lantern slides and the great days of the magic lantern were over