Magic Lantern Shows
The lantern was used for a wide variety of purposes click on a thumbnail to see an enlarged version of the print

Dissolving Views using a biunial Magic Lantern to achieve dramatic special effects

Magic lantern being used to entertain children.Print from Victorian child's book "Leading strings"

Lanterns were not only for entertainment they also served to educate. specialist lanterns were devised to project elaborate scientific experiments. Advert of a Reynolds and Branson Lantern (Leeds) 1902

From an article "A visit to the Victoria  Coffee Palace"

The dissolving views found great favour with the audience....... when the shipwreck and rescue were shown,"Rule Britannia" was played ,the solos sung , Madame Touzeau  found a full chorus in the gallery and pit

   Magic Lantern being used to  create the
    stage illusion known as Pepper's Ghost