Lancaster's Graphochrome Slides

Identifying lithographic slides sold in sets of 12 is often difficult as numerous companies seemed to adopt this format.Companies frequently pirated each others stories. The following slides were sold in Victorian times by Lancaster & Son Opticians Colmore Row Birmingham England for 5/- per set.
There appeared to be no original numbering of the slide sets in the catalogue the slides being ordered by name only.

Aladdin, or the wonderful lamp                           Mottos , compliments of the season, curtains,
Arctic Expedition 1875-76                                 Intervals ,Good Night
Ali Baba                                                             Natural Phenomena
Blue Beard                                                         Nellie's prayer
Bob the fireman                                                  Old London & our ancestors
Canadian Life (past & present)                           On the brink (A tale of Monte Carlo)
Cinderella                                                           Overland route to India
Cinderella No.2                                                  Pilgrims Progress No.1
Continental views                                                Pilgrims Progress No.2
Curfew shall not ring tonight                                Parable of Prodigal son
Charge of the Light Brigade                                 Precocious Piggies
Dick Whittington                                                 Punch & Judy
Dogs & monks of St Bernard                              Pussy's road to ruin
Don Quixote                                                       Puss in boots
Dwarf Long nose (An arabian nights story)          Reuben Davidger or captured by pirates
Educated Cats                                                    Robinson Crusoe No1
Elephants revenge                                               Robinson Crusoe No2
Emigrants voyage to Australia                              Red Riding Hood
Gulliver's travels                                                  Santa Claus
Heroes of the lifeboat                                          Sinbad the sailor
Heroes of the Victorian Cross                             Subjects of Natural history(animals)
Incidents in the life of our Saviour                        Swiss Family Robinson
Jackdaw of Rheimes                                            Temperence Story the calculating cobbler
Jack the giant killer                                              Tiger & the Tub
Jack Marliner                                                      The house that Jack built
John Gilpin                                                           The phantom ship
Jack and the beanstalk                                         The pilot's story
Life in Africa                                                        Twelve stations of the cross
Life of Christ                                                        Views of London No. 1
Life of Joseph                                                       Views of London No. 2
Life aboard an ocean palace                                 Views of Palestine No. 1
Mischievious Tommy                                            Views of Palestine No. 1
Mother Hubbard