Teacher's Resource Pages

The next few pages are designed to be of assistance to teachers and consist of work sheet material that can be printed off for pupils/students to work from.The subject of magic lanterns covers a broad base of topics from Science, History, Social Science, Art  and of course Information Technology.
    The work sheets are divided into  "Tasks A" and "Tasks B".
 "Tasks A" have definite answers which can be obtained from accessing the site whilst  "Tasks B" expect the student to make inferred judgments about the information obtained  and as such can be regarded as extension material for more able pupils.

Lastly I would like to draw all teachers attention to the web site banner at the top of the page. The site advertised is of great help for any students/teachers of I.T. (all the more remarkable considering the site was designed by a 13 year old girl) please take time to visit that site.