Magic Lantern Work Sheet 2

Tasks  B
These tasks are more difficult they require you to study the web site information about Victorian Magic Lanterns and to deduce answers from the information obtained.

1) Why do you think the word "magic" was used as a prefix for the phrase " lantern" ?

2) Find the page on dissolving views  and describe what you think these were  and how they were achieved ( Remember these effects were before the days of electric lighting)

3) Find the page of Bamforth slides. The slide illustrated there is part of set called " The Curse of Drink" The slide is described as being " From Life Models"  What  do you think that means? .Give reasons why you think the slide is realistic  and reasons why it is not.

4) On the Lancaster Comic Slip Slide page  is a moving slide of a clown. Showing the clown's nose moving is easy for a computer to do but how was the movement achieved on the slide over 100 years ago?

5) Most people think  that only rich people saw magic lantern shows . What evidence shows that perhaps poor people watched these shows too?

6) Find the illustration called " Pepper's Ghost".Explain by means of a diagram how the stage illusion worked and why it was so effective from the audiences point of view

7) On the magic lantern web site you have mainly seen pictures. What other things do you think were included in the show to make the pictures more exciting ?

8) Today we do not use magic lanterns for entertainment , give reasons as to why magic lanterns became less popular as an entertainment ?

9) Today we use modern technology such as television, videos, radio and the internet to entertain , to bring us news , for education for drama and art. Which of these roles do you think the magic lantern was to fullfill in Victorian times ?

10) There are people today who still make their living by doing magic lantern shows. Why do think a magic lantern show might still appeal to a modern audience ?