J.Theobald & Company
 Lithographic Slides
1890 Catalogue

Coloured Lithographic slides 3.25 inches x 3.25 inches slides sold in sets of 12
(Original catalogue numbering has been retained)


1) Dogs & Monks of St. Bernard                        21) Dick Whittington
2) Swiss Family Robinson                                    22) Old London & Our ancestors
3)Rueben Davidger (captured by pirates)          23) Robinson Crusoe 2nd. series
4)Cash Three ( A temperance story)                  24) The Elephant's Revenge
5) Curfew must not ring tonight                           25) The overland route to India
6)Natural Phenomena                                          26) Aladdin
7) Mottos assorted(good night etc.)                    27) The Emigrant's voyage
8) Bob the Fireman                                              28) Sinbad the sailor
9) (No slide set was listed as number 9 )            29) Robinson Crusoe 1st Series
10)Life in The Arctic Regions                             30) The Pilgrim's Progress
11)Canadian Life Past & Present                       31) The Life of Christ 1st series
12)Mischievious Tommy(A Boy's Trouble)       32) The Arctic Expedition
13)The Tiger & The Tub                                     33) Ciderella
14)Bluebeard                                                        34) Views of London (modern)
15)The Life of Joseph                                          35) Continental Views
16)The Life of Christ 2nd series                         36) Jack the Giant Killer
17)Views of Palestine                                          37) Guilliver's Travels
18)The Heroes of the Victoria Cross                  38)Natural History
19) The Heroes of the Lifeboat                           39) Jackdaw of Rhiems
20) Johnnie Gilpin


Rackwork slides

These were kinetic slides with a rotational movement.A mahogany frame housed circular pieces of glass some of which rotated when a small  handle was turned.


1)The flirt                                                             12) House on fire
2)A camp in the backwoods                                 13) Windmill at work
3)The lighthouse                                                  14) Watermill at work
4)Hair brushing by machinery                             15) Vesuvius in eruption
5)The children in the woods                                 16) The knife grinder
6)The dinner party                                               17) Man swallowing rats !
7)Mail boat getting up steam                              18) Fountain playing
8) Performing acrobat or leotard                         19) The beehive
9)Water Cascade                                                  20) Aquarium
10)The magician's cave                                        21) Curtain slide
11)Man with changing heads                               22)Artist at the seat of war
                                                                               23) Chromatropes