Toy Lanterns & Slides

Today almost any invention that is used by grown ups is often reproduced in scaled down form as children's toys.In Victorian times too the magic lantern was reproduced in toy form, although we must regard this from our modern perspective, as a very hazardous plaything.One cannot imagine toys today having oil burning illuminants or strips of glass however toy magic lanterns and slides  were produced by many of the magic lantern companies in the past. One of the most prolific of these early  toy lantern and slide makers was Ernst Plank of Nuremberg.Toy slides were often cheaply produced often without a cover glass so the image has usually become damaged through misuse.There seemed to have been ,no standard format for the slide size and although most of the slides tended to be made of long thin strips of glass, some more durable circular slides were produced also.

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Above circular toy lantern slides  by Ernst Plank       Above some toy lanterns and slides

Above ornate painted tinplate toy lantern                               Above Ernst Plank Toy Lantern