The church dates back to 1600, it was built as a school under the Will of Cuthbert Buckle who was schooled at Brough. As a young man he had walked to London and become rich. In 1593 - 1594 he was knighted by the Queen as Lord Mayor of London.

In 1608 a schoolroom had been built behind and the original school was consecrated by the Bishop of Carlisle and became Stainmore Chapel,
sub-ordinate to Brough church.

In 1842 - 1843 it was rebuilt by Lord Thanet to seat 130 people at a cost of 800.

Today this church is loved by many for its simplicity. The reward for finding it in its isolated location is to sample the peace which it engenders in everyone that visits and, with its commanding position, the wonderful views of the Upper Eden Valley and the Howgills and, in the further distance, the Lakeland Fells.
A leaflet giving details of a circular drive/cycle ride visiting other churches in the area (including Brough St. Michael) is available.
The church is available for visiting at all reasonable hours, but it is not advisable in snowy or icy conditions due to the road access. There are normally two services a month, on the first and third Sundays at 2.00pm.
St. Michael,
St. Stephen,
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St. Stephen,
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