The Hayes Primary School Wildlife Area
The Hayes Primary School, Hayes Lane, Kenley, Surrey, CR8 5JH


The Wildlife Area

by Tony Heys

The wildlife area is a valuable resource for the school where children under supervision can encounter nature at first hand without having to leave the school grounds.

In September 2006, I approached headteacher Mr David Wilcox and gained permission to revitalise the area, helped by a small group of Volunteers. It consists of a large pond with a paved edge at the front, and a wildflower meadow to the front and sides. There is a grassy area behind the pond and, further back, taller nettles and weeds in the shade of two mature hawthorn trees. The site is a rectangle of approximately 120 square metres enclosed by fencing on all sides, and the entry gate is padlocked to prevent unauthorised safaris or paddling.


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