Art of the Times: A Selection of Themes

Ancient Art
This chapter looks at art from history. In particular it provides links to sites which concern Ancient Egypt and the Inca and Aztec civilisations of South America.

Native & Tribal Arts
This chapter is concerned with cultural art. African tradition and Australian aboriginal art are in focus.

This chapter will be collecting information on the pre-raphaelite movment, including the cultural movement of the age in which it evolved. It also provides support for eTV programming on the subject.

This chapter will contain links and annecdotes on surrealistic art. I have always been keen on the works of Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte in particular. Hopefully the horizons will widen.

20th Century Fantasy
I am a huge fan of work by the early 20th century American artist Maxfield Parrish. This chapter begins with a focus on him, but will also look at his contemporaries around the world.

This chapter will contain just that - be warned! The slant is toward historical material.

Psychedelic Art
This chapter is the biggest part of the art archives - too big to fit it all on the server as yet. Current focus is on Victor Moscoso, Rick Griffin, Martin Sharp, Stanley Mouse, Anton Kelly and the Family Dog. It provides support for eTV programmes in the "High Art" strand.

Modern Fantasy
This chapter is more concerned with fantasy and science-fiction art from modern times. There is considerable crossover with theComix and Graphics section.

Rock & Roll Art
This chapter looks at portaiture and interpretation of rock music. It contains my own projects from the 1970s, art by musicians themselves and general tribute studies.

Fever Dreams
I've named this chapter from a Richard Corben comic, but that's the only connection. The chapter is devoted to what can best be called "inspirational" art - chemically induced or otherwise.

Contemporary Art
This chapter will be archiving current material in a progressive format.

Art of Chess
A long-term special project, this chapter will chronicle my search the most interesting artistic interpretations of both the chess game and chessboard itself.

Digital Art
This chapter is for archives of material created using digital technologies directly.

Online Galleries
This chapter is simply a guide to galleries and exhibitions permanently online.


The Artists

Pretty much all the west coast USA psychedelists pictured together at the Avalon Ballroom in 1967. Photograph by Gene Anthony

Anton Kelly at work in his studio. Along with Stanley Mouse, together known as Mouse & Kelly, the buls of their posters were for the Avalon and Fillmore venues in San Francisco

Rick Griffin as another of the major psychedelic artists and like fellow poster artists Greg Irons and Victor Moscoso, eventually tried his hand in underground comix

Artist Martin Sharp was one of the principal psychedelicists in the UK and a founder of the legendard OZ magazine. This one is a recent photo!

In Masters Of Comic Book Art there were only ten choices made by compiler Doc Garriock. Richard Corben, Robert Crumb and Victor Moscoso were three of them. Not bad for "underground" artists

Another plug for one of my own. This little guide covered all the British underground comix until around 1979. Profusely illustrated but otherwise extremely boring, the cover was by Moon Comix creator David Noon