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The typical ‘settling’ time for a new child in the nursery is one week, but there is no ‘typical’ child (and no typical parent come to that) so we try to be flexible. If your child is used to being cuddled by uncles, aunts, neighbours and friends and has older siblings, life in the nursery may seem quite tame in comparison. However sometimes it is a difficult period for both parent and child. We ask that you stay with your child on day one and gradually pull away over the week so the your child gets used to you leaving (and coming back)

Mallards Wood
Daycare Nursery

157-159 St Barnabas Road
Woodford Green
Essex IG8 7DG

Tel: 020 8498 9739



we will try to answer your questions, and if we can’t give you an immediate response we’ll do our best to find out and return your call


nursery life can be very different to the world your child has been used to..

..and for the new parent can be a stressful time - so we try to make the transition between home and nursery as smooth as possible



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