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Mallards Wood Daycare Nursery

Childcare from 6 months to five years

Mallards Wood has capacity for fifty children - upstairs the baby rooms have nine in each section
- split between the very young babies and the more active toddlers - typically the rooms are divided by ability rather than by age for although both areas are separated they are still part of an open-plan scheme


Both rooms come together to have meals on the adjoining ‘slip-resistant’ wet-play area, this area is far more suited to the general chaos that ensues with water-play, paint-dipping etc. and is quite frankly easier to clean up after mealtimes.
After dinner both sections retire to their own rooms for nap-time, every child has their own bed, their own bedding and their own toothbrush, just like at home

as your child progresses through the rooms they will get used to the idea of different keyworkers - in the same way they will have different teachers in ‘big school’

Downstairs the two pre-school rooms can take sixteen children each, in reality the numbers fluctuate as children come down from the baby rooms to join their more boisterous friends - and the older ones get ready for their big move to their new school.

Children will be wearing mallards wood uniform by this stage and will be eating with their peers, we sometimes join the rooms and eat in the communal area (for parties etc) - but normally meals are in the child’s room

the garden - softplay area, growing area and canopy

we have an all-weather canopy and a separate ‘baby-garden’

all the children can go outdoors whatever the weather, (well that being said - even with sun-hats and factor fifty - we would ask children to stay in the shade on very hot days) our ‘baby garden’ can be secured to separate the more ‘active’ children from the ones that just want to snooze, so all age groups can use the garden together

The rear of the garden has been converted into a decking ‘dock’ for our garden boat which the children often use for adventures, the softplay (rubberised) area is covered by the canopy - there are also artificial grass sections of the garden (which stay green and ‘play-on-able’ all year) together with real grass (and real mud) there are also ‘growing’ areas where the children dig, plant and grow

Preparing for school life

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