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Marcos Cars of Westbury, Wiltshire near Bristol in the UK have been producing specialised sports cars since the very early 1960's and, unlike most British Car Manufacturers, are still in production to this day.

Over the years, many 'Model'  manufacturers, have produced scale models of a number of cars from the Marcos range of cars. 

In the early 70's Corgi produced models of all of the cars that were in production at that time. Including the Coupe, Mini,  Mantis and XP

More recently during the late 90's Fly have produced numerous versions of the Le Man's LM600 cars that visit many International Race Meetings to this day.

These are just two of the many manufacturers who have produced scale models of this unique sports car spanning over 3 decades of MARCOS heritage.

This site is an attempt to catalogue all of the models that have been produced.
If you have information on any details that might be incorrect, or a model that is missing (I know there are some) then please email me from the email link here
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I take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained herein.

My Grateful Thanks go to Bryan Price who's splendid collection was loaned and used in producing the photographs for this site. - Thanks Bryan!!

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