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Netscape Navigator is one of the world's most well known and historic brands of computing

AOL, one of the World's pioneering Internet Service Providers, is planning to end support for one of the World's pioneering popular web browsers, Netscape Navigator. Under this, all Netscape products will cease to be supported and no updates will any longer be provided on 1 FEBRUARY 2008, leaving thousands of users without vital security updates or formal migration instructions.

The Netscape brand will effectively die, existing only as the name of the "AOL Netscape" portal.

We feel we won't let Netscape go out quietly. Just by signing the petition and showing your support for the World's most influencial, well-known and adopted browsers, we aim to discourage AOL from committing yet another horrific crime to the computing world.

Even if you are not a Netscape user... for the sake of open-source development, supporting Mozilla and getting usage shares from the non-standard complient Internet Explorer, help save Netscape by signing the petition. The aim is for AOL to continue Netscape support and this historic brand, or if unsuccessful, to raise awareness of Netscape and its intergration with Internet history, hoping that some day the ships wheel will re-appear again, even if not under AOL. Click HERE to discover why Netscape should be saved


AOL will be aknowledged of these campaigns, and Netscape are already aware of so. If you have signed the second (duplicated) petition, please sign the other one as an attempt to merge the two into one. The petition is unrelated to this site, and this site does not claim responsibility for any difficulties visiting external sites, although all links have been tested.

CONTINUE READING BELOW for A Story of Success, Sale and Scandal and why Netscape has been mistreated over the years.


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Save NETSCAPE from extinction!

Save NETSCAPE from extinction