Shown below are some links to various writers’ work. If you have a poetry book you would like listed here, then please contact us with the details

No Golgotha For God - Brian Blackwell

£3:99(incl. P&P). Order direct from Brian at 65 Austhorpe Rd. Leeds, LS15 8EQ. (concessions for multiple orders of 5+).

This collection of 51 poems is somewhat blasphemous and is probably as heretical as you'll find. From a humanistic viewpoint his poetry presents dozens of stereotypes of the foibles and futility of religion in a secular, post-god society. Since religions have not evolved they have become less relevant and more divisive than ever. More and more of us are deciding that we do not require hypothetical gods, the associated theatrical rituals and self-indulgent prayers in order to live rational and moral lives.It is well worth a try.

The Six Spheres Of Life - Chitra Lele


Be initiators and innovators. Faith in yourself makes good things happen to you. The formulas in here will bring about a personal osmosis. This personal balance isn’t associated with wealth or bank balance. It’s more of a mind game where if you learn to make the right moves, life then will be much more enriching and fulfilling. Want to create a positive change in your life? Want to make this year as the year of personal transformation and self awareness? Let my book show you HOW….

These formulas are nothing but thought conditioners. The required thoughts package is right there within you, all you need to do is activate the same. This activation is facilitated through these formulas. They will let you:

• Gain control of your life.
• Tap inner strengths.
• Have more personal power.
• Experience benefits of emotional gifts.
• Increase the moral worth.
• All of that and much more...

Inner knowing becomes the path to healing life and unlocking your amazing potential. This self conditioning process is brought about by these formulas, which will help you experience a paradigm shift in attitudes and thought patterns

Amphisbaena  - Ray Succre ISBN:  0955899273

Brief from back cover: “A sober disinterest in relationships causes Bill Sherman, failing calendarist, to abandon dating for many years. When pressured into a speed dating event by his brother, Bill meets Amy and decides to attempt a relationship again. He learns quickly, however, that Amy is two people:  The inseparable Amy and Janine. These two women design to date Bill in tandem, both to his confusion and enjoyment.’

Yes, it’s a modern, experimental romance novel about a man dating a sometimes two-headed snake.

More information; www.raysuccre2.blogspot.com

The Jealousies - Ben Stainton

Ben Stainton, who some of you will recognise as a regular contributor, has recently released a new book.  Ben’s new collection The Jealousies published by BeWrite Books is a collection of restrained and evocative poems that cover everything from childhood reminiscence to nostalgia for a past that never was. There are echoes of Eliot, Pound, and other famous poets here, and their heritage is well continued. For more details please see  - www.bewrite.net/bookshop/excerpts/the_jealousies.htm

Echoes - John Haines

“…bears the mark of true poetry… it shows us a new way of looking at the familiar.” Don Barnard. -  Birmingham Poet laureate 2004/5. “…refreshing and entertaining… sometimes mischievous… the accessability of the poems make them fun to read.”Laura Sheridan. - Editor, Pennine Ink magazine. To find out more and how to order please email poetrymonthly@btinternet.com

The Seed - Vivienne Romilly-Weightman

This is Vivienne Romilly-Weightman’s first novel. The Seed. A compelling novel of one woman’s joy at rediscovering love, tangled with another woman’s dark and sinful secret. If you would like more info go to www.penpress.co.uk price £6.99. Where you can order a copy.

The Quest - Steve Langley

The Quest is a work that flows off your mental tongue with ease due to its  polished rhythmic construction. This is an epic poem of profound personal insight: a poem you do not merely read once and maybe go back to at a later date. £5 + p&p = £6.50, and you get it by sending chq (payable to S Langley) at 12 Tewkesbury Drive, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 0HG. Worth a read.

Beyond the Beaten Track: Offbeat Poems from Gujarat - Pradip Khandwalla

An anthology of over 200 poems translated from Gujarati into English by Pradip Khandwalla, himself a poet who writes in English. Gujarati is spoken by nearly 55 million people in western India. Gujarati Sahitya Parishad, the foremost literary body of Gujarat is publishing the book to bring Gujarat‘s poetry and the diverse voices, visions, and passions of its poets to the attention of the world’s English-speaking poets. The poems for translation were selected for their offbeat quality, and after sifting through some 4000 poems included in various anthologies and publications. For more information email; beyond.bt@rediffmail.com

Ready-made Bouquets - Robin Lindsay Wilson

Review - There are poets who take the everyday and present it in a manner so fresh that the ordinary becomes extraordinary. There are poets who take inspiration from visual art and paint word pictures so vivid that the images are almost palpable. There are poets who transform landscape or cityscape into narrative meaning. And there are poets whose senses are so open that they open the heart of things for others. Rarely, there are poets who do all of this and more; Robin is such a poet.

If you would like more information about the book please contact; Dr Jan Fortune-Wood, Cinnamon Press, Ty Meirion, Glan yr afon, Tanygrisiau, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Gwynedd, LL41 3SU or see; www.cinnamonpress.com.