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The list below shows a collection of poetry books available for purchase. Except where stated, they measure 160mm(h) by 100mm(w), and are soft bound with a full laminate cover being centre stapled. If you would like to see more of a particular book, hover over the picture to see a sample of work in the publication. The books listed are available for purchase via PayPal, or refer to the Contact Us page for details of how to order by post.


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I shall not call thee by name.
No words shall be the division
of our oneness.

I shall keep you in the
silence of my soul.

For I have given names
to everything.

Have written from
your screed;
no voice my own,
all words, your making.

I shall call you silence.
The oneness, the depth
of ocean, the immortality
of skies.

And truth,
the purest vision
of my mirror’s eye.

Code: EC10 Sacred Realm

Code: EC10 Sacred Realm by Elise
56 pages - Approximately 200mmx132mm (Roll mouse over picture for sample).

A collection of spiritual poetry, including illustrated collage overlays by Elise using public domain images. Some poems are accompanied by illuminated letters designed and hand-painted by Elise. The book is produced using a high quality cream heavy weight (150/160gsm) textured laid paper, The cover is printed on a hammered finish heavy card stock, which gives the publication an antique feel.

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Coming from the tent of sky
a tent with no from or to

The bus is a haven of warmth
coming from his fight against the sky

Una politica y sale
says the girl next to him on the bus

In Seville trying not to offend at the hotel
but doing so never the less

Meandering over straight paths
eating bread off a bench restaurant

To him the fiesta is hermetically empty
shrill trumpets seep at the limits of harmony

How long have these gardens been here
where will the sky end if nowhere

Code: NM1 By The Canal

Code: NM1 By The Canal by Nick Monks
60 pages - Approximately 200mmx132mm (Roll mouse over picture for sample).

“Nick Monks’ poetry constantly surprises by its eclecticism, from the lyric to the Audenesque, to the wry social humour of ‘the local’. In a pluralistic changeable world there are many poems here that throw a rational humanistic light on diverse subjects. A rare book to be enjoyed.” - Jeff Morton

If you wish to purchase this book, please contact the author Nick Monks : nmonks123@btinternet.com

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This is my old room
This is my pledge
This is the place where I'd love to be
In the darkest night of a winter's solitude

This is my old room
Don't forget

I'll leave a pillow on the wooden chair

That's where my head rests
And my heart aches

Code: FN1 Ode From A Nightingale

Code: FN1 Ode From A Nightingale by Federica Nightingale
60 pages - Approximately 200mmx132mm (Roll mouse over picture for sample).

If the soul had marrow, Federica Nightingale’s words would sear through the outer layers to seek it out and expose it in all its raw truth. She has the ability to disturb and reassure at the same time, to make us examine the minute details in us and around us with the deepest powers of our senses. If you find yourself doing “double takes” while reading her work, it is because you know there are facets that were hidden at first glance, making the experience not easy, perhaps, but engaging and ultimately rewarding. Read her in solitude and silence, and hear the voice of a complex and profoundly vulnerable spirit.
From Leticia Austria’s review)

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And now it is silence,
it was always so,
a silence that haunts
my raging fists
to beat upon
the window

to grasp and choke,
to stifle life -

as I must now
defeated lay
in these rooms of
moss bleak Winters
and sleep the endless
- of nothingness

until each letter comes,
forms around my mouth,
where I might taste it.

And I shall etch it there,

your name,

etch it
there upon the oak
and wait for it to age.

Code: EC9 Opium Valentines

Code: EC9 Opium Valentines by Elise

For customers ordering Code: EC9 Opium Valentines from within the UK ONLY - Price £6.50 inc p&p

For customers ordering Code: EC9 Opium Valentines from the EU and ROW - Price £8.19 inc p&p

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Fulfil this longing.
Let me be adored in every way.
Tell me you have ever searched
for this.

And I shall become whole.

Be released from my darkness
And wake into the light.

For dreams are meant to be
Shaken -

From their weary beds.

As I before the fountain of
Your soul.

Be whole to my eyes.
Offer me your

© Elise

Code: EC8 Paradise

Code: EC8 Paradise by Elise
A Collection of romantic poems about love and passion.
60 pages with colour illustrations (booklet) Booklet size - Approximately A5

'Paradise' captures love eloquently, delicately, passionately. Within its pages Elise evokes tender and ravishing images. It is heartening to see a young poet like Elise, follow in the wake of our beloved poets - bringing us sighs and moments and visions to savour.
Carmen Willcox - Poet and author

Elise's style is heart stirring, in the subtlest sense of this. As familiar as I am with Sappho and the fragments of her poetry in ancient Aeolic Greek I can tell you with assurance that Sappho's very spirit seems to suffuse and illuminate Elise's poetry... which I would never say about any other modern, 21st. century poet!
Richard Vallance - Poet and editor of Sonetto Poesia Canada

For customers ordering Code: EC8 Paradise from within the UK ONLY - Price £6.50 inc p&p

For customers ordering Code: EC8 Paradise from the EU and ROW - Price £8.19 inc p&p

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Why do we think of high tide
as the sea grown old?

Old is when the tear-water
has danced to the moon's music
away to those grey cloud-lines;

and what was once hidden lies
bare to the sun, unashamed,
the wrecks of life, the scars
of days lost to memory
that will never grow brighter;

no matter how many new tears come
to make fading rainbows of them

© Marie Marshall

Code: MM1 Naked In The Sea

Code: MM1 Naked In The Sea by Marie Marshall
Marie Marshall writes poems of much variety and depth which never cease to surprise with their creative excellence and passionate persuasion. Marie is a poet's poet from my point of view as an anthologist and versifier. Her work is intelligent, strong, often sinewy and definitely witty, whether serious or flippantly satirical. Each poem is beautifully crafted and this is a testament to her depth of talent. Do read her poems carefully and often for that will be very rewarding, I promise.
Ronald Wiseman, poet, editor, and anthologist

Marie's poetry has mesmerized my senses for a long time. Her genius lies in the ability to delight her readers with a sterling wit, to draw images that far exceed the boundaries of our imaginations, and to wrap our hearts, minds, and souls in a labyrinth of language so expertly crafted, we cannot help but find ourselves on a wondrous poetic adventure.
L A Smith, poet and teacher

For customers ordering Code: MM1 Naked In The Sea from within the UK ONLY - Price £6.50 inc p&p

For customers ordering Code: MM1 Naked In The Sea from the EU and ROW - Price £8.19 inc p&p

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You could enlighten me,
Could draw me into wisdoms
In which you abide, all day, all night,
Could read to me,
Could share with me your treasured volumes,
Copies old, unloosing leaves.

I feel
So low,
So far beneath you,
Why would I then wrap my arms about you?
Better far that I should nod
And step aside
And let you rise,

© Ggarrett 2007

Code: IH7 Afterword

Code: IH7 Afterword by Ggarrett
Another small, quirky, sensual collection.
48 page booklet.

Picture Missing

There was a wedding done today
Between our friend, our Digory
And Caroline, his bride.
We went because we own his soul,
He doesn’t seem to know it now,
But still, we own his soul.
And she was part of life
For us,
We did not love her near so much
And cannot comprehend
Why he should
Hitch himself to her,
But still we went,
And sat about on golden chairs
And sniffed the air
On which the lilliness did float.

© Ggarrett 2004

Code: IH5 Wedding

Code: IH5 Wedding by Ggarrett
Loves, lives, pleasures, and disappointments.
56 page booklet.

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Beside the one I love the best
I stand,
And, with him, watch the rhythmic tide of life
And run again.
With him I feel a certain liberation,
They are there,
But I am not,
They live and die,
But I do not.
With him
All time is sweet, serene and structureless,
With him
All time is mellow meltedness.

© Ggarrett

Code: IH3 Grim

Code: IH3 Grim by Ggarrett
Dark, sensual, Goth-tinted fantasy.
50 page booklet.

Picture Missing

When I spoke to August Morning
I shaped the word “replace”
And I felt as like a god,
My personal god, ashifting,
Moving seasons, turning hearts
And crops to wint’ry harvest,
I said, “Replace Dimitri,
I need you and he is gone.”

He wore a dress of black
That clung about his chest and hips,
And he moved inward and inwardly,
Like a dark fish into my water.

© Ggarrett

Code: IH4 England

Code: IH4 England by Ggarrett
Ggarrett's beloved and magical England depicted in poetry and prose.
44 page booklet

Picture Missing

The shadows of your thoughts
Rise up and curl like smoke
Blossoming into lilies of
Incredible fragility and beauty
From which fall diamond cut tears
That wound the heart with love

The echo of your words
Enchant like some ancient dirge
Whispered in a graveyard
Of broken dreams
Who’s branches entangle
The golden strands of the soul with need

The darkness that enfolds you
Is shot with blinding rays of light
Pulsing silver lighthouse beams
That stab the eye with vision
Revealing wounded understanding
On the jagged rocks of conscience

© Pauline Charlton

Code: PC1 From Darkness To Light

Code: PC1 From Darkness To Light by Pauline Charlton
A spiritual journey.
36 page booklet.