Links to other poetry sites

Below are some links to other sites, which we feel are worthy of a look. If you know of any other sites that we can include, please email us the details.

takashi matsuyama An ecletic mix of music, poetry, and other media. Well worth browsing through!

Here are a couple of sites by Lewis R Humphries - www.aworkoffiction.net and www.withlovetoyou.com. Lewis says I have been passionate about writing ever since I could remember, and in my early twenties I began scribing on a regular basis in my spare time. In the 4 years since, I have written a collection of poems, short stories and articles on a range of varied subjects, and received nearly 70 publication credits. My work has been featured in the UK, USA, India and Canada both online and in print, and also published in a range of anthologies across the world. Please take a look at these two sites.

imrimr2.4mg.com Isles of Myst Review eZine. Submission by email -- No fees, reading fee or subsidy required for journal publication. Jerome Brooke - Editor, IMRev jeromevbrooke@yahoo.com

http://vallance22.hpage.com/ The Phoenix Rising from the Ashes - Le Phénix renaissant de ses cendres (Aux Éditions Describe Adonis Press. Ottawa, Canada) publisher, Richard Vallance, invites regular contributors to Decanto to submit up to 10 sonnets for review for possible publication in their upcoming Anthology (2012) by the same title. The deadline is midnight, September 1, 2011 for sonnets in English or French. Deadline for sonnets in all other languages: December 1 2011 Or you may send a submission to the print quarterly Sonnetto Poesia ISSN 1705-4508 of up to 6 formal rhymed poems by e-mail only, and as attachments only, one copy .doc and the same in .txt (plain text) to Richard Vallance. All submissions are to be sent to: vallance22@gmail.com

www.thunderburst.co.uk or www.rimbaud.org.uk: Dee Rimbaud/ AA Independent Press Guide. Dee Rimbaud’s comprehensive poetry website including Writers’ Websites links page which was developed to include photographs of writers. There are photo-links to the websites of over 1,000 writers: everyone from Robert Abel, Dannie Abse and Kathy Acker to Elizabeth Zelvin, Benjamin Zephaniah and Emile Zola.
Also: Dee Rimbaud's blog - http://deerimbaud.blogspot.com/

www.benybont.co.uk: Raymond Humphrey’s fully featured website including such links as Biography, Essays & Articles, Guests, links, & a lot more.

www.origamicondom.org: Kenneth P. Gurney produces a poetry website named Origami Condom.

http://anthonynorth.wordpress.com: North's Review for writers' resources. The site is part of Anthony North's 'alternative network.' Fiction, environment, crime, politics, paranormal ... you'll find it all on this three site network. The ultimate writer's, and reader's experience.

http://www.aestheticamagazine.com: Aesthetica is a nationally distributed contemporary culture magazine that covers new writing, artwork, film, and music. We have just redeveloped the magazine to make it more accessible and easier to read. We've added new sections such as SciArt and comedy. The magazine is now A4, glossy, and just better designed!

http://www.www.poetry-patrickosada.co.uk: Poetry web site for Patrick Osada’s poetry. Updated monthly with new work.

www.thepoetrywebsite.co.uk: The Poetry Web site - for poets, poems, and poetry.

www.blackcatcommunications.co.uk: Black Cat Communications, for poetry, poetry books, & music.

www.writewords.org.uk: Write Words, UK Writers' community for poetry, resources, interviews, and lots more.

www.poetrylibrary.org.uk: The National Library for Poetry. The most comprehensive and accessible collection of post 1910 poetry in Britain.