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Shown below are the current CD collections available. Next to each cover picture are buttons that allow you to listen to some samples of the music. If available, full length samples in near CD quality MP3 format are available to listen to.

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Conquest II: Order code - DH01

As mentioned in an earlier edition of Decanto magazine, Newport was lucky enough to be selected as one of the ‘Readers Demo’ for issue 65 of Computer Music magazine. The piece selected was Conquest II - the title track of his latest collection of music. It is a collection of classical style pieces using traditional orchestral instrumentation and arrangement and has 12 tracks with a running time of approximately 58 minutes. The price for the CD is £6.75 inc P&P.

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Listed below is a short list of the equipment used to produce these pieces along with links which may be of interest to those who use their computers to write and produce music.

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Randy Thurman

Randy Thurman is a man utterly and totally consumed by the arts; visual, musical and written. Randy's musical works range from the rough acoustic blues, to contemporary classical, to improvisational jazz, and sublime avant-garde soundscapes. His paintings encompass a variety of styles, from the sensual figurative to geometric abstraction. His written works are pronounced and profound. Randy Thurman explores the gamut of sight and sound and thought, and brings back something interesting. Originally intent on living out his life in total obscurity, Randy has quite suddenly been catapulted into a man of global acclaim. His acoustic blues and jazz have travelled across the globe from El Paso to Australia, from Illinois to Portugal. His artwork has shown in numerous international group exhibitions in Manhattan; both his art and writing in publications reaching Tokyo, Paris, London and the world. For more information, visit - www.thurmanart.org/


Chris Hardy

Chris Hardy has been writing poetry and music for many years. His poems have appeared in numerous magazines, and has performed his music in clubs as well as on radio along with various recordings. ‘Health To Your Hands’ is his latest CD of acoustic music, and is available on Spiderfinger Records and at www.cdbaby.com If you would like to see more of his work, please vist http://www.myspace.com/mrchrishardy www.poetrypf.co.uk www.lucidrhythms.com

David Francis

David Francis

David Francis a singer-songwriter based in New York. In 2006, he toured England twice and appeared and sang on BBC Radio Gloucestershire, "The New Grey Whistle Test" in Birmingham, and "Monochrome Museum" in Stourbridge.

This is David’s latest album of original poems with music comprising of 18 poems and 18 pieces of music. Live dates, audio samples and reviews are available at www.CDBaby.com/all/davidfrancis

Equipment used for recording Conquest II -

Main sequencer - Sonar
Orchestral virtual instrument - Edirol Orchestral Canvas
Other Virtual synths - Crystal, RXP, Sampletank, SFZ soundfont player, Synth 1, Pentagon 1, Claw
Outboard synth - Alesis S4+
Reverb - Perfect Space convolution reverb (included in Sonar)
Mastering tools - Sonitus equalizer, Sonitus multiband compressor, BBE Sonic Maximizer
Monitoring - Edirol MA-10D and headphones
Sound card - M Audio Delta 24/96

Some useful links -

IQ4 Dynamic EQ - An excellent plugin for treating individual tracks or across a master output to treat a whole mix. Dynamic EQ is a cross between a normal EQ and a multiband compressor in that the gain of each EQ band alters in response to the level of the incoming signal. This particular plugin has 4 channels of EQ/compression and is available from www.platinumears.com and downloadable from www.platinumears.com/iq4gui.zip. Give it a try as it certainly sounds different to using separate EQ/compressors, and is very flexible and inituitive to use. It only appears to be available as a VST unit at present, but is a work in progress so new versions may become available in time.

Crystal VSTi - I'll quote from the crystal manual: ‘Crystal is a semi-modular synth featuring both subtractive synthesis and frequency modulation (FM) synthesis. It offers abundant modulation control with over 80 parameters which may be modulated, multi-stage envelopes with graphical editors, extensive tempo sync of envelopes/lfo rates/delay times, built-in effects for chorus/flanging/comb filtering/echoes, and a band splitter for effects processing by frequency band.’ If you like ambient or slightly out of the mill sounds, get a download from www.greenoak.com/crystal/ and give it a try. It's a CPU hog(!) if you’re not careful and can be tricky to program, but it does sound good. You can also use your own soundfonts as oscillator sources if you put them in a folder called CrystalSoundFonts in the folder where the Crystal DLL is located.

A useful tool I found while mastering to check for low frequency rumbling (because the MA-10D have limited low end response is the Voxengo Span FFT spectrum analyzer. This is a free download available from www.voxengo.com/freevst/ along with other freebies to try! I normally use it with a quarter octave setting with the slope set to 0dB and a reasonably fast speed and a block size around 8192. With a bit of eye-balling, you can normally spot any nasties.

Finally (on a slightly different note), check out Blender if you are into 3D graphics and animation - tricky interface, but stunning results. Blender is also available for windows, but you will have to install python if you want to run any external scripts. If your setup doesn't have python, don't worry as Blender runs fine without out it. To obtain Python visit www.python.org for a free download.