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A bit about us…


In 1956, Archie Friday, a Kentish businessman with a zeal for evangelism, came to Paddock Wood to pioneer a Pentecostal church. He arrived with his mobile church and held several open-air meetings. Soon a small group of people began to meet for worship in a rented room above the ‘John Brunt’ public house in Church Road.


The church was established by Trust Deed in 1958 and given the name, ‘Paddock Wood Pentecostal Church’. The present building was erected in 1960.


Sadly the church went into decline during the late 1960’s, although children’s meetings continued to prosper throughout this time. Adult meetings were re-established in the mid 1970’s by Archie’s grandson, Peter Friday, who later went on to pastor the Pentecostal Church in Chatham.


The Home Missions Council then sent Steve Jones, an enthusiastic Yorkshire man who spoke with a booming voice, to continue the work. Eventually he moved on to pastor a church in Keswick, Cumbria.


In 1982, David Hilsley and his wife Carol moved from Tonbridge to Paddock Wood when they were led to continue the work. David established a reputation for solid Bible teaching and later developed an emphasis on understanding scripture from the study of the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.


In 1994 the church became a registered charity, and changed its name to ‘Paddock Wood Christian Fellowship’.


The leadership passed to Peter Distin and Matthew Hobbs in 2004, in whom the tradition of solid Bible teaching continues.


We do not have a membership list, but hold to the view that membership is through attendance. There are a core number of people who regularly attend meetings and selection of others who attend occasionally.


We are not a large group, but are close and there is a warm sense of family between all.


Paddock Wood Christian Fellowship is administered and overseen by a plurality of elders in keeping with the example, practice and teaching in the New Testament on Church leadership.

(Acts 20: 17, Acts 14: 23, Acts 15: 2,4,6,22, Acts 21: 17-18, 1 Timothy 5: 17-19, 1 Peter 5: 1-3, Titus 1:5).


Currently there are two elders.


Peter DISTIN                            Matthew HOBBS

01732 505887                            07949 441104           


Paddock Wood Christian Fellowship Registered Charity No. 1054379