(55) Late 50's or early 60's knee-length sleeveless frock with pairs of knife-pleats and a full circle skirt. Belt shown is not the original.


Hire Rates and Terms

Updated  2nd. June 2014


1. Single item hire fees range from £10 to £30*, with a deposit of either £30 or £45 (or occasioanlly more for very rare or expensive items) to cover replacement in the event of damage or loss by the hirer**. The maximum period of hire is 48 hours. In the case of a weekend, this will be from Saturday to Monday. For modern cocktail / party dresses and Wedding gown hire, please see the note below.*

All payments by cheque with card or cash with adequate proof of address, or BACs in advance.

2. Items may be reserved in advance on payment of the hire fee as a deposit. The deposit proper will need to be paid when the item or items are removed for the duration of the hire.

Not less than 48 hours notice of cancellation must be given, or the deposit (hire fee) will not be returned.

3. The deposit will be returned when the item is returned in good condition at the due
time. Late return will incur an extra charge of £5 minimum per item per day.

4. Loss or damage of any item  will incur loss of the deposit to cover either repair or replacement.

5. No hire items may be altered in any way or washed / cleaned by the hirer unless with our agreement.  We expect all items hired to be treated with due respect to their age and return in the same condition as when collected.  Items will remain the property of ’Just Pleats’ at all times and will be professionally cleaned at our expense between each and every hiring.



All long term contracts for hire of a single item or multiple items by an organisation will need to be negotiated, with the charges set based on the proposed usage, hire duration and total number of items hired. Please contact us for further information.


*Hire rates depend on the item hired and will reflect the cost of the professional cleaning undertaken between each hiring. Most skirts, full petticoats and other single items are set at the lower rate of £15.00 with a few at just £10. All frocks (with or without ‘extras’ such as belts / jackets) are £18.00 with vintage gowns at £24.00. Wedding gowns, some modern party / cocktail dresses and full-set items (such as out Caledonian Airways stewardess uniforms) are priced individually and start at £30.00 because of the extra overheads when taking them to be cleaned etc. Please contact us for full details.

**In the case of either drink or other unidentifiable stains, the deposit will be withheld until it is ascertained whether or not the stain is fully removeable by the professional cleaner.