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Selecting a suitable photographers workshop to attend can be a little difficult as there are so many out there to choose from. Here are just a few of our feedback recommendations (starting from 2008) which might help you arrive at a decision:

28/08/2008 10:03

I came on the July workshop and would like to book in for the 12th October if there are still places, if possible I would like to book 2 places, the other person is on holiday this week but if you have places I should be able to confirm the second place next week.
Many Thanks


13/10/2008 09:21

Thank you for a fantastic day on Sunday, please could you send me a copy of the model release form and also for the July 13th workshop.


20/04/2009 15:51

Thank you for another great day on Sunday, the locations and the weather were all perfect.
Many Thanks


21/09/2009 12:55

Just a quick note to say thanks for the enjoyable workshop yesterday despite the weather ...

Although I have not yet had a chance to review all the images, I think I got some great shots from the session.

Please thank the model again for me.

Kind regards


26/04/2010 21:25

Once again thank you for another great shoot, I have not checked them out yet as I am too knackered - it must be too much fresh air.

As per our conversation I would love to attend the shoot on the 30th May in Essex - If it is still ok for me to attend, please let me know how much and the best way to pay.

Best regards and hope to hear from you shortly


30/05/2010 20:01

Hi Chris Great day, many thanks


31/05/2010 18:28

Thanks for yesterday and which I thoroughly enjoyed and hope I have a few good ones from the 485 taken. I know it takes a lot of admin and phone calls not to mention finding the models, and I dont think the money reflects the time you put into it


29/06/2010 19:10

thanks chris. really enjoyed it. hope to do one again some time soon.


30/06/2010 14:25

Thanks for such a well organised shoot on Sunday. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I’ve just been through my shots and uploaded a small selection if you’re interested in the results.
I look forward to seeing you again soon.
All the best,


30/06/2010 16:32

Thanks for Sunday - it was really a great day and fantastic value for money!!


19/07/2010 13:59

Just a quick email note to thank you for another great Workshop ...

I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and managed to escape any trips, slips or falls !!! ... So that was a bonus :-)

It was quite late when I returned home so have not had a chance to review the images yet but I am sure there will be some great captures amongst them.

Looking forward to Septembers magical mystery tour of East Sussex/Kent.

Speak again soon ...


13/09/2010 11:52

Just a short note to say thanks for organising yesterdays workshop, I enjoyed the afternoon very much and learnt a great deal indeed. I shot over 500 images and I am very pleased with the results. The model was great fun to work with and nothing seemed to be too much trouble for her. She must have been tired at the end, I know I was and she had been working twice as hard as us. It was also great to be able to work with other people and talk about focal lengths, lenses, and remote flash without being looked as as if I am some sort of Geek!


18/10/2010 10:00
Thanks once again for arranging yesterday’s shoot. Apologies for having to get going early. It was a very enjoyable day and again we got lucky with the weather.
 Just a quick question. Has there been any progress replacing the old discussion forum? I would be interested in seeing other peoples photos from the day.
 Best regards,


24/03/2011 18:00
Thank you for the welcome, your team made a first timers experience of shooting models enjoyable in several ways; relaxing, opportunity to learn from all present, encouraged a friendly atmosphere; credit must also to go the others shooting.


24/03/2011 18:27

Many thanks for an enjoyable evening and yes Fran was great. Haven't managed to get mine off the card yet but will try and do something with them this weekend.
I will check out the website and will definitely be along to another one.

With kind regards


18/04/2011 04:35
What a superb day we had with you and the model – thank you very much indeed. 
She was a joy to work with, very professional, a natural in front of the camera and she gave us a wide range of stunning poses and expressions to capture. She was a real pleasure to work with.
I am extremely pleased with some of the images and would like to post a small selection on flickr if that is OK.
Please could you let me have a copy of the model release form for my records as discussed yesterday?
Many thanks again for such an amazing day – even if I didn’t lay down as low as you do in the seaweed and water
Kind regards
30/05/2011 09:30
Great day yesterday. Just started down loading.


27/06/2011 08:39

Too tired to look at much when I got in. Did have quick look is morning. Wow!

Took about 1740 images. There was so much stuff to try and take.

Anyway great day, again.


27/06/2011 12:32

Just a quick note to thank you again for another great workshop shoot yesterday.

Attached a ‘candid’ from the day ... you ‘Shooting from the Hip’ :-)             

All the best


29/06/2011 11:29

Just to say thanks for good day - we both enjoyed the day - even though in the end we appear to have got slightly sunburnt!
I have attached a few images I took - the first is called "Dreaming" and is intentionally out of focus !
And the last is called "What am I doing here?"


25/09/2011 21:04

Thanks very much for a good day today - I don't quite know what would have happened had it rained, but, as it was, we were blessed!!

Sorry I didn't see you to say goodbye - I was gasping for a cup of tea.

I may put some images into SWPP competitions for the balance of the year - if I get anywhere, I'll drop you a note.

Kind Regards

PS Do please send me those Health and Safety notes - they are excellent!!


26/09/2011 09:43

Thanks for a good day yesterday. 500 plus photos now to review and discard as necessary. Proof that quantity does not give quality in my case I’m afraid, as quite a few will go in the bin, for various reasons.


24/11/2011 11:22

Just a quick thank you for Tuesday evening lighting course.  It was all very new and interesting and I would certainly be keen to do future courses that you may run. I will keep checking your website. Having now looked at my photos I can see many ways I could have improved the shots with various poses.


21/02/2012 23:12

I enjoyed tonight; thank you.


22/02/2012 10:46

Thank you for yesterday evening, i really enjoyed it and it was well
worth the money, I have got some lovely shots although haven't
downloaded them yet, yes i did book for the one in March and really
looking forward to it, i think i will be one of your regular customers
on the courses!

See you in March,


22/02/2012 11:05

Yes it was good to come along last night and renew acquaintances with you and other photographers. You certainly booked a great model both in terms of being photogenic and having a great personality.


29/04/2012 18:22

Thank you again for today; the organisation was great, the execution good. The weather was good enough!

I think I need a hot bath, a hot meal and a lie-down before tackling the photo import.


03/07/2012 12:29

yes it was a super day and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I thought the three locations were very good indeed. I'm sure I shall be visiting the area again before the end of the year.
As to my photos on the day, I am generally pleased with my efforts.  I have reduced the 700+ images down to about 150 and will now work on these to clean them up a bit.

Thanks for a smashing day, I learnt a lot in technique too.
many regards


03/07/2012 19:53

Thanks for a great workshop really enjoyed it and would like to book a place on both the 9th Sept and 23rd Sept workshops please.
Many Thanks


03/07/2012 20:29

Many thanks for Sunday, it was a good day. We were very lucky with the
weather.   I did manage to get a few photos that I was pleased with despite
the worst day of hayfever I have had for some years.


04/07/2012 08:38
What a good afternoon's shoot really enjoyed it weather was great.


16/07/2012 16:17

Once again many thanks for all your hard work arranging yesterdays shoot. Very enjoyable, have a good number of photos suitable to print and use in a future competition.


16/07/2012 17:10

I enjoyed yesterday thanks and got some great shots :-) ... and yes we did
cover quite a bit of ground, probably why we didn't get to have too much
time to chat on this workshop ...


16/07/2012 22:21

Thanks for all the planning and organisation you did for Sunday - can't be easy planning for a location so far from home..! It ran smoothly, and it was good to meet you both. I got many shots that I'm really pleased with, so a good result.


10/09/2012 08:25

I had a great day yesterday. I felt better once I stopped. It was the longest piece of exertion in a week.

I did not realise until I got home how varied the lighting conditions were. I need to think more, but having little brain yesterday did not help.

Please book me in for the 20th October shoot. I will transfer the deposit when we know what is happening with this Sunday.


11/09/2012 08:06

Thanks for great time on sun really enjoyed it !!!

Could you book me onto the oct 7th shoot and can you book me a place on the evening trip to the fairground on oct 20th if you have places left,
Best wishes,


11/09/2012 10:59

Very good!! Really enjoyed this day, can't wait for the next one! x


08/10/2012 00:08

Really enjoyed Sunday had a great time, I am really pleased with some of my shot I might have to do a bit of work on some but apart from that it was great.


08/10/2012 10:31

Thanks once again for a great workshop on Sunday,
Really enjoyed it.
Very lucky with weather again !!
Keep up the good work!!


18/04/2013 17:04

Thank for an interesting evening last Tuesday, I just need lost more time to practise with gells!
You have confirmed my booking for June 9th but do you have another place available for the 9th?


13/06/2013 23:27
Hi Chris
It was a great day thanks and the model was good to work with


21/10/2013 11:38

Just a quick thank you for all your time and effort on Saturday evening. It was a great opportunity to experiment, although on very quick inspection I’m not sure I have anything that is any good :)


19/05/2014 17:16

I had a great day despite my earlier camera problems, It was good to meet you all and hopefully you got some good shots, I have had a quick look through and it looks like I have some good ones, but I couldn't resist editting this one attached.
I will let you know about your next shoot as I do shift work and will have to check if im off.


19/05/2014 20:10
Many thanks for yesterday I really enjoyed it. The weather was great too which was a bonus. I also got a few nice pics .
Hopefully I will be able to make the studio shoot in November.


17/09/2014 12:42
Thank you organising the photo shoot on Sunday, thoroughly enjoyed the new experience and will look forward to many more in the future I hope.


12/11/2014 09:28

Just a quick thank you for the workshop on Monday evening which I very much enjoyed. Got a few nice pics too (which is always a bonus)!



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