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Do you like the idea of a fun photo-shoot using a wedding or prom dress ? TRASH THE DRESS shoots are great fun from whatever angle you look. If you are the adventurous sort and own your own wedding dress, then we can arrange for a photo shoot to take some great pictures of you wearing it in some inappropriate location. Maybe you have a prom dress or other dressy-dress you’d like to have photographed in a similar manner? We’ve handled this on many previous occasions so no problem. (Go directly to Trash-the-Dress bookings)

PHOTOGRAPHERS are catered for as well as we run regular ‘TTD’ photographic workshops throughout the year. Whether amateur or professional (who is not prepared to try this idea out on a paying-customer’s expensive dress..) then these shoots are for you. We have many who have come along over and over again, so clearly they find the experience well worth while.

 SAFETY issues are an extremely important part of our ‘trash-the-dress’ workshops which we address with a safety document to read before we start out, with other specific safety issues covered throughout the shoot.

NO DRESS? There are of course those who do not own a suitable dress (or would prefer not to use their own) but would like to try this out for the fun of it. Once again not a problem as we can hire you a beautiful dress to wear for the shoot for a very modest fee. Quite simply, we can arrange a proper TTD photographic session for almost anyone.