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First a quick word on SAFETY issues.

In August 2012 a newly-wed drowned during a ‘trash the dress’ shoot near Montreal in Canada. This was a tragedy which should NEVER have happened because the scenario was ridiculously dangerous and should NOT have been even considered, let alone attempted.

Whenever anyone goes ‘trashing’ with us, we always ask them to read a 5 page safety document before we start out.


So from where did the ’Trash the Dress’ concept originate?

People have been ‘trashing dresses’ in one way or another for countless years, but it’s only recently that the idea has been recognised as a specific style of photography and fully taken off. MDO Studio started officially taking ’Trash the Dress’ (‘TTD’) images back in the Summer of 2007 when they learned of an American photographer offering a newly-wed this new ‘service’ in the February of that year. Apparently, because the official wedding ‘photos didn’t come out too well, the photographer offered the bride an opportunity to take some ‘real photographs’ in her wedding dress after returning from her honeymoon.

But isn’t it a shame to ‘trash’ and thereby destroy a lovely wedding dress?

In the vast majority of cases the dress comes away from it’s adventure totally unscathed. It may need to be cleaned, but that would have needed doing after the wedding anyway.

MDO Studio has a number of wedding dresses it uses for it’s own ‘TTD’ photographer’s workshops and NONE have been damaged to date, although repeatedly used in this unintended manner.

Of course there will always be someone who really wants to take this idea to a logical conclusion, but is this really any worse than the bride’s mother, who after the wedding, gathered together the brides dress and those worn by the bridesmaids and threw them in a skip to avoid the cleaning costs?